“We are very pleased with the new Coolblue recruitment site. Together we managed to improve best recruitment site of 2016 a lot. This is the result of an intensive, constructive and pleasant collaboration with the Coolblue team”


About the Commissioning Party

Coolblue once started as a student company. It grew out to become a webshop with more than 325 specialist webshops and 8 physical shops. Since its founding in 1999, they only have one goal: making customers happy. They give expert advice, have an obsessive focus on client satisfaction. Together they work extremely hard to surprise their clients.


Problem definition

Although in 2016 Coolblue won the award for best recruitment website, we still saw sufficient opportunities for optimisation. The content was highly appealing and in the true Coolblue style, but the mobile candidate experience was far from optimal because it was impossible to apply for a job from a mobile phone or tablet. The website itself contained a lot of great features, but was virtually a single page and therefore not optimally adapted for SEO.

Designing and building an entirely new recruitment platform in concert with Coolblue, built on a modern stack, bilingual and with an interactive link with Connexys. Based on a thorough analysis of Coolblue’s previous recruitment site, many improvements have been implemented and the site is fully responsive. As a result, applying for a job on a mobile device is now possible and easy.


The end result

An attractive and appealing recruitment platform. The recruitment site has clear navigation which makes for a smooth candidate experience. All relevant information on the vacancy detail page leads to a high conversion rate. Through the link with Connexys both managing the job application process and the talent pool has become simple for Coolblue recruiters. The fully responsive site enables applying for a job on all devices simply and easily.

In addition to the regular link with Connexys for placing vacancies and the process of job applications, another extensive link has been realised. This link makes it possible to link content and also to personalise the landing pages and communication templates.

All communications are aimed towards the corporate identity and the ‘real Coolblue’ style. An example of this is the phrase in a vacancy ‘what do you tell people you do for work at a party?’ [I’ve reworded this as the original version didn’t make complete sense]. Furthermore, everything ranging from text to image to video is consistent and energetic. Also, the site offers a number of interesting extras, such as a virtual tour through the office, a video near each vacancy, a visually indicated displayed job application procedure and a simple way to ask questions about vacancies.

After the launch, in a next phase the ApplyApp preselection tool will be connected and a referral tool will be linked. With these modifications, a new selection must be possible.


See our completed Coolblue recruitment website here.

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