z Whitepaper
Recruitment Sites and Technology
Do you know what your target group is looking for and/or needs? When is the right time to offer them specific content? Have you thought carefully about the candidate experience and do the expectations of the candidate fit in with your employer brand? A good way to answer these kinds of questions and to provide insight into the different phases candidates go through, is to map out the Candidate Journey(s).

Only when you have thought carefully about who your target groups are, can you make decisions about which journey someone should take. By drawing up the Candidate Journey(s) we will find out together with you what your candidates really want and how we can improve the inspiration and quality of the conversion. It's important to know which specifications are important before applying and which obstacles need to be removed.

During the project Floyd & Hamilton will guide you through an interactive Workshop to map out these journeys and then use them to optimally set up the recruitment platform. In the Workshop we first determine the different personas and then what the (online) behaviour and information needs of these personas are during the orientation phase.