z Whitepaper
Recruitment Sites and Technology
Where does the candidate enter the recruitment site and where does it come from? Which campaigns lead to qualitative applications? How does the visitor move around the site and what are important pages or actions? What is not only successful on the recruitment site, but also what obstacles does the candidate experience and where in the application form does he or she drop out? How and how fast does the application process go and what is the final status? These are all relevant questions, but you need to have insights to tackle and improve them.

We set up our recruitment sites on the basis of our expertise and best practices. We then continuously measure the above processes and goals and gain more insight into your specific recruitment website and its target group(s). This collected data is displayed in the Analysis Dashboard and can be filtered and reported per recruiter, hiring manager, location, discipline, job area and other possible organisational levels or specifications for a specific period of time. With these insights we can continuously optimize the recruitment platform and process together with you. This allows you to use the budget for campaigns more effectively.

During the implementation of the recruitment site we jointly determine a measurement plan. We then implement these goals and ensure that this data is displayed in the dashboard. But more importantly, we ensure that the (anonymous) data from your ATS is linked to the dashboard so that the entire Candidate Journey can be measured.