z Whitepaper
Recruitment Sites and Technology
What do you have to think about when implementing an optimal recruitment platform? How do you ensure that the Tech landscape is set up in such a way that the data flows smoothly? And that you gain insight into both the candidate's starting point and the final status in the application process? What do you need to take into account for an optimal integration between your different HR systems? What do you have to do to meet the AVG standards and how do you ensure a secure platform with a good performance?

For many companies, achieving an optimal HR process and the associated Tech landscape is not a simple push of a button. Over time, the number of channels has grown and so has the complexity of data flows and integrations. 

Floyd & Hamilton has years of experience in implementing an optimal infrastructure. We have incorporated our best practices in our Tech Products, which are continuously further optimised and developed. During a new implementation it is therefore not a push of a button, but rather a step-by-step approach based on experience, complemented by a clear vision with predefined design principles.