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Recruitment Sites and Technology
The developments and opportunities in recruitment technology offer enormous opportunities to attract and retain the right candidates. A Floyd & Hamilton recruitment platform is the link between your candidates and your employer brand. The basis of our platform consists of our own recruitment site, fully in line with the employer branding and designed for the various unique candidate experiences. The strength of our approach is that the recruitment platform is not a stand-alone solution, but forms the basis for all available recruitment applications. By integrating these applications you not only strengthen the candidate experiences but you are also able to monitor, analyze and optimize the recruitment processes.
Optimal recruitment platform

Optimal recruitment platform

Every recruitment platform created, maintained and optimised by Floyd & Hamilton is based on the fact that the Candidate Journey is optimised, the Design endorses the Employer Branding and Candidate Experience, the Tech landscape is set up on the basis of best practices and contains a clear vision with pre-defined design principles and that this is continuously optimised on the basis of Data & Analytics over the entire candidate journey. 


A number of projects

Project process

The first phase of the project mainly focuses on the question of what will be implemented and how this will look like. This phase will be supervised by our Business Consultant, who has a lot of experience in developing a recruitment platform and setting up an architecture for companies where a certain complexity needs to come together. The result is not only a logical structure of the recruitment site but also the integration with the existing setup and processes of the organization. 

In the second phase the responsibility for the implementation of the agreed scope will be transferred to our Project Manager and the associated Floyd & Hamilton development team.

Our Project Manager is responsible for translating this scope into stories for our developers so that a feasible building plan and associated planning can be made. In order to deliver the MVP within the agreed timeframe, the Project Manager monitors the planning and takes care of the documentation and connecting the right specialists.

Thank you for providing a rockstar team to accomplish this challenging task. The recruitmentsite result is stunning! Truly a memorable moment!
Nina ScheinHudson's Bay
We chose Floyd & Hamilton because they already have considerable experience with international retailers and a lot of recruitment knowledge. In addition, they are transparent, clear and very open about the entire process.
Suzanne JansoniusHunkemöller
We needed customization, we were looking for something special. Floyd & Hamilton absolutely met this demand. They have the necessary in-house experience in our sector and have a considerable amount of expertise in the field of labour market mediation. Our close cooperation went smoothly.
Martijn van RossumStudelta
It's not for nothing that we chose Floyd & Hamilton again to build our recruitment site. They keep their promises. Our previous and last experiences with them are really very positive!
Kim van de BeekNovamedia
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