We create solutions for employers to optimize their recruitmentprocess and employer branding

How do you build an optimal employer brand online? How do you interest the right target audience and how do you engage good candidates? How can you optimize the applicant journey via the Recruitment Website? How do you create the most pleasant application experience for candidates and how can recruiters make a quick first (pre)-selection when there is a large amount of applications to a vacancy? Our mission is to provide recruiters and employers with professional online tools that help them to attract, recruit and select new and suitable employees.


Floyd & Hamilton’s mission is to provide employers professional online tools that help them to attract, recruit and select new and suitable employees. We believe that the answer and solution to the questions above require three types of services: A Recruitment Website, the Applicant Tracking with ATS webQube and a pre-selection with the Apply App. For more information about these services click on one of the three banners above. We offer all organizations, small or large, who believe that an efficient, objective and candidate friendly application process is crucial, a customized solution.

Recruitment websites

Floyd & Hamilton designs and develops innovative, user-friendly and appealing ‘careers at’ websites for employers. For the recruitment of new employees and to help them with the presentation as (future) employer and as a brand. Recruitment Websites by Floyd and Hamilton are fully adaptive and mobile friendly.

Applicant tracking

To make this process more easy, with a higher quality and customer-oriented for organizations Floyd & Hamilton has developed webQube. WebQube is an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) that is easy to link to the Recruitment Website and substantially simplifies and streamlines the handling of applications. It sends applicants automatically personal messages about the application progress and constructs at the same time a database with info about the candidates which can be asked during a job interview.

Applicant Tracking System - Floyd & Hamilton

Pre selection

Sometimes a vacancy has a large amount of candidates that there is no time or capacity to perform an objective and qualitative preselection. But also when there is a vacancy where there is a very small amount of applications. With the ApplyApp we provide recruiters with a very useful instrument which not only selects on the job requirements but also gives a good view of the personal characteristics and skills of the candidates.

Referral recruitment

Besides sharing jobs via social media, new employees can also be recruited in a more personal way. Using the ReferralApp, your own employees can recruit new colleagues and act as your most important ambassadors. This works very simple.