Applicant Tracking System

Candidate experience

If an interested candidate wants to apply or has send an open application through the Recruitment Website, the process that we call Applicant Tracking starts. Applications must be processed, tracked, stored, internally communicated. At the same time, the candidates must receive a notice about the progress of the procedure and what is expected of them. An excellent ATS makes this process not only candidate friendly, very efficient and time-saving for recruiters but also ensures that there is always a good overview of all vacancies, matching applicants and the phase of the application procedure they are in. In addition, jobs can be easily created and published and the whole process is easy measurable and easy to evaluate.
Applicant Tracking System - Floyd & Hamilton
To make this process more easy, with a higher quality and customer-oriented for organizations Floyd & Hamilton has developed WebQube. WebQube is an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) that is easy to link to the Recruitment Website and substantially simplifies and streamlines the handling of applications. It sends applicants automatically personal messages about the application progress and constructs at the same time a database with info about the candidates which can be asked during a job interview.


WebQube is set up based on the structure of the organization and the nature of the recruitment process. The most important basic functions are:

  • sending emails individually or as a group mailing e.g. inviting, rejecting and forwarding applicants
  • automatically capturing what phase a candidate is in, what correspondence and actions have already taken place and what data is manually added to his or her file
  • setting up warnings when the closing date of a vacancy expires with e.g. automatic internal or external correspondence
  • setting up “short cuts” per user and obtaining an up-to-date dashboard regarding candidates or vacancies
  • an easy navigation through the database of candidates based on automatically obtained data, or easy to add manual criteria
  • easy accessible management information in which all data and numbers can be measured, the origin of all applicants and conversions can be tracked and all data can be exported
  • a link to the fraud register, through which each candidate will be directly checked on a fraud registration. This is especially made for large organizations e.g. Blokker with over 10,000 applications per month
  • a tool that analyses the recruitment process, the performance of recruiters, the progress of the application process and the conversion from website visitor to hired employee completely measured.


Summarizing webQube provides and ensures a quick and pleasant application experience for candidates. An efficient and adequate administration process. Makes required (management) information immediately and easy available. And is continuously tweaked and upgraded in order to provide an easy approachable and comprehensive database.


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