Referral Recruitment


Besides sharing jobs via social media, new employees can also be recruited in a more personal way. Using the ReferralApp, your own employees can recruit new colleagues and act as your most important ambassadors.

This works very simple:

1. Register candidate

The employee fills in the details and requirements of the applicant, such as name, email, phone number, location, and the field of interest.

2. Personal message

The candidate will receive a personal email or WhatsApp message with a link to a personalised landing page.

3. Personal landing page

Through personalized content the candidate is given relevant career opportunities, interesting jobs, testimonials and other relevant content.

4. Application

Through the personal funnel the candidate applies for a job and enters the application process.

5. Reward for referral

Employee gets a reward for introducing a new colleague. This may be in cash, points or credit.

6. Analysis

Recruitment has insights in how the referrals convert, but also employees can see how they perform compared to colleagues.