Recruitment Sites

The best recruitment sites

Floyd & Hamilton designs and develops innovative, user-friendly and appealing ‘careers at’ websites for employers. For the recruitment of new employees and to help them with the presentation as (future) employer and as a brand. Recruitment Websites by Floyd and Hamilton are fully adaptive and mobile friendly. This allows the Recruitment Websites to display an optimal image, easy navigation, relevant content and convenient opportunities to get in contact or to apply on all devices. In addition, the sites and data traffic are thorough secured, gives a consistent view on all modern browsers and are both in structure and content optimized for search engines.

While designing and building Recruitment Websites we believe that there are 8 features any Recruitment Website has to have. These features are: target-oriented, reliable, informative, appealing, social, user-friendly, accessible and measurable.










Applicant journey

Floyd & Hamilton will design and set up the Recruitment Website based on the objective of the website and the target audience. Everything is aimed on reaching the target group(s), displaying relevant information (in text, image and video) and providing visitors a logical and intuitive route through the Recruitment Website. Candidates who are interested can easy find related information and can get quickly in touch with the organization and recruiters. Also the ability to connect through social media or via email is available at all times and the application process should be completely transparent and is set up in a way that there are no unnecessary barriers. In the absence of a suitable vacancy there is always a opportunity to send an open application or to set up a job alert.


Project approach

We take care of the project management, the kick-off of the project, a technical design, a visual design, content inventory, construction, testing and training the (future) users of webQube. The client is closely involved and informed in all phases and as many technical and operational knowledge is transmitted. We also advise in the selection and lay-out of the right and relevant content (composition) and of course we can always arrange photo- and video material.