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Our chat is the ideal tool to guide candidates through the right candidate journey with predefined questions and answers. The added value of this tool is that it's an all-in-one solution for both inspiring, informing, and converting. In the chat, you can not only share fun and inspiring videos, photos, and gifs but also have the ability to immediately see what you will earn, get a relevant job vacancy result, and apply directly. Especially on mobile, this works very intuitively. A great addition to your recruitment website!

the benefits of this chatbot are

  • Higher mobile conversion rates.
  • A great way to add more fun and/or information to the recruitment website.
  • The ability to guide the candidate along the right path since you already know 80% of the questions that are typically asked.

More information?

We'd love to share more about how we can assist with enhancing the candidate experience on your recruitment site.

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