content management
for recruitment sites


manage and expand independently

Your organization doesn't stand still, just like the job market. This also means that your recruitment website needs to be dynamic and adapt to these changes. You want to be in control and build and expand your recruitment website as needed.

for big and small

highly adaptable

Hamilton CMS has been developed by us with just one goal in mind: the recruitment system where all components are present for an optimal recruitment website, whether you are a large or small company.

It is always integrated with your (or our) Applicant Tracking System, ensuring that all components in Hamilton CMS align with your business rules.


which functionalities are available 🤷‍♀️

A wealth of features, components, and tools that you can easily use. On every page, it's just a matter of drag and drop to combine and place these elements. We ensure that all components adhere to your brand identity.

application form

With the form builder for every target group a relevant and converting application form.

job alert

Candidates get an alert when there is an interesting vacancy published for them.


Saving job listings that you found interesting for your next visit.


Creating news articles and having them automatically appear in relevant locations.


Candidates can register for events, workshops, or training sessions.


Displaying the right job listings everywhere that are relevant in that candidate journey.

highlighted jobs

Highlighting job listings that need to be brought to extra attention.

job search

A search bar to find relevant job listings and provide suggestions as you type.

salary calculator

Quickly calculate what your earnings will be in that position.

travel time calculator

Calculate your travel time by bicycle, car, or train from your home to the workplace location.

contact person

Contact the right person directly via email, phone, or WhatsApp.

podcast or audio

Provide even more insight into what it's like to work at the company. Also an excellent experience on mobile devices!

vacancy overview

An overview of all the job listings with the possibility to filter easily.


Highlight the benefits of the job or the company with a nice icon and a tagline.

application process

Setting up different procedures for each target audience shown in the vacancy.

contact form

Leave a message so someone can contact you for a coffee meeting.


For easy navigation on pages that are deeper within the recruitment website.


Who better to tell what it's like to work at the company than your own employees?


Display videos within the site that play automatically or are shown from Vimeo or YouTube.

media library

All images and videos organized in a library and usable throughout the site.

html component

When you want to include certain content in the site, like Streetview, and display it through an iframe.


Maps, job listings, and content that can be placed in a slider for a beautiful mobile experience!


H1, H2, H3, and even H4, all automatically in the organization's brand style.

body text

Regular text or an introduction, all automatically in the brand style.


Content that expands when you want to read more, especially on mobile, it saves space efficiently.


Different buttons that can be placed, not just primary and secondary, but even more options.


Various buttons that can be placed, not only the primary and secondary ones, but even more options.

anchor link

Enable the ability to 'jump' to another section of the page and continue reading from there.


Banners displayed at the top of the page that are automatically relevant to the vacancy.

vacancy meta data

Displaying the job specifications in the job card or on the vacancy page.

And so on, and so forth, but we can show that during a demo.

enrich the vacancy automatically

What you show on a vacancy page depends entirely on the target audience you are focusing on. This page should always be tailored to a persona.

We ensure that your ATS seamlessly integrates with your recruitment website. This way, you can easily and dynamically enrich your vacancy with inspirational content that is perfectly aligned with your candidate journeys.

This allows you to publish a vacancy that optimally appeals to candidates in your target audience within a few minutes!

insight into the recruitment funnel and performance

It's essential to understand how candidates are using your recruitment website. With that information, you can continually improve the site to meet their needs and expectations, ultimately achieving better results.

Therefore, track candidates from the beginning to the end of their journey through analyses. You can gain these insights using the Analysis dashboard.

extra tooling

even more possibilities to attract candidates

In addition to the functionalities mentioned above, we've added even more tools to Hamilton CMS to attract and inspire new colleagues.

We create brand-customized

recruitment websites using our

developed Hamilton CMS 


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