our Applicant Tracking System, WebQube


processing job applications effectively.

When a candidate applies on the Recruitment site, the process we refer to as Applicant Tracking begins. Requests need to be processed, tracked, stored, and communicated internally. At the same time, candidates should receive notifications about the progress of their application and what is expected of them.

Our Applicant Tracking System, WebQube, not only makes this process candidate-friendly, highly efficient, and time-saving for recruiters, but also ensures that there is always a clear overview of all job openings, matching applicants, and the stage of the application process they are in. Creating and publishing job postings can be done easily, and the entire process is straightforward to measure and evaluate.

most important standard features

Sending emails individually or as group emails, such as inviting, rejecting, and forwarding applicants.

Automatically recording in which stage a candidate is, what correspondence and actions have already taken place, and what data is manually added to the candidate's file.

Setting up alerts when the closing date of a job vacancy is approaching, including automatic internal or external correspondence.

Setting up user-specific "shortcuts" and obtaining an up-to-date dashboard regarding candidates or job vacancies.

Easy navigation through the candidate database based on automatically acquired data or easily added criteria manually.

Easily accessible management information that allows for the measurement of all data and figures, tracking the source of all applicants and conversions, and exporting all data.

A tool that comprehensively analyzes the recruitment process, recruiter performance, progress in the application process, and the conversion from website visitor to hired candidate.

In summary, WebQube provides and ensures a fast and pleasant application experience for candidates. It streamlines and enhances the administrative process efficiently. It offers immediate and straightforward access to necessary (management) information. Moreover, it is continuously adapted and upgraded to provide an easily accessible and comprehensive database.

Hiring Manager Portal

If you choose WebQube as your ATS and manage the recruitment process decentrally, we have the ideal opportunity to provide relevant managers with access to a simplified ATS. In our hiring manager portal, managers have the ability to request job openings, invite, reject, and hire candidates. For example, if we integrate with AFAS, it's also possible to transfer candidate data to that system.

Everything is designed to be very user-friendly with a limited number of buttons and options. From the recruitment perspective, it's possible to make specific choices within the portal. For example, whether you want the manager to be able to edit the text of a message or not. There are several customization possibilities available.

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